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Can you give me examples of what is not specified accommodation?

Types of accommodationReason why it is not specified accommodation
“Staying put” placement: young adult who was previously fostered and has remained in the foster carer’s home as a supported lodger. The local authority pays the landlord/foster carer a fee for providing continuing support but there is a private lodging agreement between the landlord and the young adult for accommodation and food
    The landlord is a private individual, not a local authority, housing association, charity or voluntary organisation. This means the accommodation cannot fall within any of the specified accommodation Categories 1, 2, 3 or 4
Sheltered housing provided by a Scottish local authority. Tenants are people aged 55+ and have their own flats with separate Council Tax banding; no meals are provided and there is no shared kitchen. But there is a communal day lounge and there is a warden on site
  • The landlord is a local authority other than an English county council, so it cannot be Category 1 or Category 2 specified accommodation
  • The accommodation does not satisfy the definition of “hostel” because the individual flats are in separate self-contained premises. Therefore it is not a Category 3 local authority hostel
  • The accommodation is not a domestic violence refuge so it is not Category 4 specified accommodation
The accommodation is a house owned by a registered housing association where the tenant has lived for many years. She has been in poor health recently and is currently provided with home care several times a week, commissioned by the local authority
  • The landlord is not the care provider so this cannot be Category 1 specified accommodation
  • The tenant was not “admitted” to the accommodation in order to meet her need for care - she already lived there anyway. So this is not or Category 2 specified accommodation
  • The accommodation is clearly neither a hostel nor a domestic violence refuge so that rules out Category 3 or 4 specified accommodation