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Legal words

Housing Benefit Regulations 2006/213

Part 1 General

This version in force from: 2006 to present

  1. Interpretation
  • In these Regulations -

    • “hostel” means a building -

      • in which there is provided for persons generally or for a class of persons, domestic accommodation, otherwise than in separate and self-contained premises, and either board or facilities for the preparation of food adequate to the needs of those persons, or both; and
    • which is -

      • managed or owned by a registered housing association; or

      • operated other than on a commercial basis and in respect of which funds are provided wholly or in part by a government department or agency or a local authority; or

      • managed by a voluntary organisation or charity and provides care, support or supervision with a view to assisting those persons to be rehabilitated or resettled within the community; and
    • which is not -

      • a care home;

      • an independent hospital; or

      • an Abbeyfield Home;