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Local Housing Allowance

Legal words

Local Housing Allowance is used to determine the Maximum Rent (LHA) for private tenants in conventional accommodation whose HB award began since April 2008. Maximum Rent (LHA) is the maximum amount that can be covered by Housing Benefit and its is defined in Regulation 13D of the Housing Benefit Regulations 2006:

Determination of a maximum rent (LHA)

13D. (1) Subject to paragraph (3) to (11), the maximum rent (LHA) shall be the local housing allowance determined by the rent officer by virtue of article 4B(2A)(c) or (4) of the Rent Officers Order which is applicable to –

  • the broad rental market area in which the dwelling to which the claim or award of housing benefit relates is situated at the relevant date; and

  • the category of dwelling which applies at the relevant date in accordance with paragraph (2).

In November 2015 the government announced that any new tenancy in the regulated social sector (registered housing associations and local authorities) entered into from 1 April 2016 will be subject to the LHA.