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CH/2633/2008 - Final Decision

Case law
Case law date
Commission/JudgeJudge Turnbull

Whether landlord (Golden Lane Housing Ltd) is providing housing-related support

This was the final decision in a case concerning accommodation that had been let to the claimant by Golden Lane Housing Ltd (“GLH”). In a brief decision Judge Turnbull decided to remit the case to a new tribunal in order to give the claimant’s advisers a fresh opportunity to “plug any holes in the evidence” in the light of his decision in CH/779/2007 and ors (reported as R(H) 4/09). Judge Turnbull refers to this as “the very long decision” which related to several GLH tenancies in Oxford, Sheffield and Hounslow. In that decision the Judge had concluded that GLH did not provide support to the tenants. The Judge said that there may well be reasons why the decision in the instant case could be different to the outcome in those cases, given that: (i) there was a different claimant; (ii) a later time period was involved; and (iii) there could be evidence as to the scope of GLH’s activities which was not before him in R(H) 4/09.